iTegno GPRS Modems

Combining ready-to-use and widely compatible platforms with the best
technology, iTegno is specially designed to suit all your wireless
communication needs.

General Features:
•  Easy to use
•  Reliable performance
•  Versatile deployment - can be used on a wide range of applications
•  Multiple interface options to suit different applications
•  Seamless connectivity anywhere, anytime!

iTegno GPRS Modem

Model Antenna Type Interface External Power Supply
iTegno 3800 Embedded USB N/A
iTegno 3832 External RS-232 Yes
iTegno 3845 External RJ-45 N/A
iTegno 3932 External RS-232 Yes (Open Termination)
iTegno 3945 External RJ-45 N/A
* EOL Notice for iTegno 3000/ 3232/ 3045


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